Announcing Heffernan’s Private Medical Exchange!

Published on Mon, 12/02/2013 - 15:14

Here at Heffernan, we’re focused on helping employers and employees make health benefits work.

So what does that mean?

Not only do we provide more health care plan options but you will have access to built-in advisors to help employees choose and enroll. With our user friendly online tools, finding a plan that’s best for you is just a click away.

Employers are working with Heffernan to provide a health benefits plan tailored to each employee’s needs. We also help employers continue to fund health benefit dollars without having to worry about handling all the benefit administration details.

No more one-size fits-all benefits plan. The Heffernan Private Medical Exchange matches up employers and employees with the right health and benefit plans. We accomplish this by teaming with the Anthem Health Marketplace Advisors to help both employers and employees better navigate their benefit plan options. This can be done online or over the phone with trained benefit agents.

What We Offer

For employers:

• Short-term and long-term fixed benefit cost controls

• A single, flexible Defined Contribution benefit platform that can accommodate retirees, part-time and full-time employees

• Reduces overall administrative burden (paperless) and cost

• Keeps benefit levels competitive for every employee

• An engaging, consumer-friendly online channel

• Links benefits spending to overall business metrics

For employees:

• Makes health care dollars “real”—employees can spend them on plans they choose

• Offers more choices, so benefits can be tailored to each employee’s needs

• Provides one-on-one help from expert Benefit advisors

• Makes benefits easier and clearer through an intuitive online consumer-friendly experience

To view our Private Medical Exchange video, please click here.