Heffernan’s PTO Donation Program

Published on Sun, 03/31/2013 - 16:23

Did you know that here at Heffernan we have a PTO Donation Program? Our program came about when some concerned coworkers wanted to donate some of their excess PTO to a fellow employee who had run out of PTO but still needed to stay out due to a crisis.  Last year was our first year of the program and we're proud to announce that 98 hours were used by individuals in need.

Curious as to how it works? At the beginning of each year, employees may donate up to five days of PTO to the PTO Donation bank. Throughout the year, PTO eligible employees who have a qualifying situation and have run out of their own PTO may request a withdrawal of up to five days from the PTO Donation bank. Examples of qualifying situations include:  employee’s own serious health condition or caring for a family member or domestic partner with a serious health condition. At Heffernan our coworkers are more than just the people who sits in the cubicles next to us. They are like family and we take care of them in their time of need.

What if there's a balance in the PTO Donation bank at the end of the calendar year? In good old Heffernan fashion a donation will be made to a non-profit. Last year the money was donated to Heffernan Foundation.