Workplace Wellness: 10 Ways to Spread Breast Cancer Awareness

Published on Tue, 10/07/2014 - 19:09

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! On that note, we thought we’d offer a few ideas on how you can bring breast cancer awareness into your workplace.

What’s the big deal about awareness?

Everyone “knows” about breast cancer. We’ve all seen the pink ribbons. So what’s the point of participating in breast cancer awareness month?

Answer: it’s one thing to know about breast cancer – to be “aware” that it exists – and quite another to know what you can do to prevent it. Here’s what has to say about that...

“While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same.”

Two key facts to remember

If you don’t absorb anything else on the subject, make sure to remember (and tell your team) this much:

·         Fact one: Breast cancer is common. In fact, for American women it’s the most common type of cancer there is, second only to skin cancer.

·         Fact two: Early detection is crucial to surviving it. If breast cancer is discovered in stage II, the average survival rate is 92%. If discovered in stage IV, that number drops to 22% (source).

10 ways to spread awareness in the workplace

You don’t have to call a painfully-awkward “high school health class” meeting to spread breast cancer awareness among your team. In fact, please don’t! On that note, make sure not to single anyone out either. You don’t want your female employees to feel they’re being put on the spot.

Instead, look for ways to broach the subject that are interesting, genuinely informative and fun:

1.     Put a pink ribbon on everyone’s desk for them to find in the morning.

2.     Write the two key facts above in an easily-visible place: on a white board, for example.

3.     Create an info sheet about risk factors, signs & symptoms, and early detection to pass out.

4.     Include those links in your next company newsletter.

5.     Share Beyond the Shock, an educational website (and app) with your team.

6.     Turn your logo pink through the end of October.

7.     Get your team involved in throwing a workplace fundraiser – here’s how.

8.     Offer a donation, a discount or a prize to any employee who wears pink every day for two weeks this month.

9.     Hang a breast cancer awareness poster in the break room.

10.  Make sure your employees know how the Affordable Care Act affects breast cancer coverage.

Help your employees understand their risks. And trust us to help you understand your own. Contact us to learn more about our wellness program services.