Smooth the Path and Be Respectful – Being respectful of one another is critical to developing and maintaining strong relationships. We are in this together as a team
Know Your Clients and Foster Relationships – Take the time to listen and learn. Build, maintain and enhance the connections you make every day
Answer the Phone (And Email) – Be available and responsive to clients and colleagues.
Be Humble and Own It – We all make mistakes – what’s important is that we take ownership of our mistakes and learn from them.
Do Good – This is our core. We strive to do good for our clients, our company, and our communities.
Celebrate and Value Our Differences – We strive to be non-traditional. We all come from different backgrounds. Be open. Listen to others’ stories and experiences.
Have Fun – Take the time to get to know your colleagues and let’s have fun! If we are happy and connected, we all will do a better job for our clients.