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Women of Influence – Celebrating Like-Minded Professional Business Women

Heffernan’s Women of Influence group was formed in 2014 out of the search for a group that catered uniquely to the woman business professional. The group was organized by a collection of female executives who demonstrate professional merit and leadership in their careers.

Women of Influence focuses on discussion and development aimed at increasing confidence and competence to promote positive and effective self-brand, expanding networks to include other influential female and male peers and leaders that can support and advise, and realistic career planning aligned with life goals.

At the Women of Influence bi-annual summits, women explore professional growth, mentoring opportunities, visibility and recognition, and personal fulfillment. The group makes efforts to empower and encourage its members to expand their contribution to the cause by holding sessions in their local offices.  

Heffernan is proud to celebrate and empower women, and bringing together a dynamic group of knowledgeable, driven professionals who inspire us all is primary example of that. As the goals of the Women of Influence group evolve, a vital objective is to expand involvement and presence to additional women throughout the company.

I can see this [WOI] having a positive effect on our company and on our lives as women, which only enriches what we bring back to this company,” said Delaine Andersen, Women of Influence member and Heffernan’s Payroll Manager.

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Women of Influence – Recognizing Professional Business Women

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