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Giving Back: Philanthropy as a Backbone of Our Culture

Giving back to the communities we serve, whether through volunteer opportunities or donations, is a core value of Heffernan Insurance Brokers. Since our inception in 1988, Heffernan has given close to $7 million to charity. In 2006, we created the Heffernan Foundation to further support our dedication and commitment to social responsibility in our communities. And in 2014, we gave back 16% of our profits.

Through our foundation, we created our own Grant-a-Wish program, providing two deserving children who’ve endured hardship the chance to create a happy, lasting memory. We also work with CollegeTrack, an organization through which we award a $100,000 four year scholarship to one new college student each year.

This commitment to supporting the community is a backbone of the workplace culture we’ve cultivated. Our Green Initiative helps our staff reduce waste and increase their environmental awareness—some of our locations have even been certified as a Green Business. We offer donation matching to our employees, and each employee is allowed up to four paid days per year to volunteer at local nonprofits. Each year, we volunteer approximately 5,000 hours of our time.

Ensuring the happiness and wellbeing of our employees is just another way we promote a healthy community. We offer a Scholarship Program to lend a helping hand to students from our employees’ families. Our Employee Wellness program offers a gym subsidy and yoga, smoking cessation programs, philanthropy and wellness events, and education on healthy lifestyles, and since beginning a partnership with Plus3 in 2012, we’ve been able to connect employee wellness to corporate philanthropy. Through the program, our employees have raised $50,000 per year simply by working out, eating healthy, and being productive in their communities.

To learn more about our dedication to communities, please visit the Heffernan Foundation.

Executive Director

Michelle Lonaker

D: 925.295.2575
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