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We provide a variety of options for clients to administer benefits plans

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Technology Solutions

Paperless online benefits management and open enrollment includes a very broad array of formats and manners in which to implement benefit packages for our client partners.  Heffernan provides options to our client partners from our own agency management system to full blown online enrollment, including benefits administrations, HR support and resources via the web.  We have a variety of services from online enrollment, to benefit communications and consolidated billing, etc.

Technology does promote efficiency with benefit administration, but it depends on what the specific needs (pricing, level of service) are for an organization.  This is why after discussing these needs with our client partners; we are able to offer the right solutions that best fit those needs.

With that said, we know administering benefit plans and enrollments are a significant function within the HR and Finance departments, which is why we offer a number of different technological capabilities through our strategic partners.

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