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Creative Real Estate Insurance for Owners, Developers, and Property Managers

There’s a lot more to real estate risk management than property insurance. From vandalism and theft; to fire and severe weather; to pest infestation, contractual disputes and Fair Housing lawsuits, there are many issues to contend with. If you’re a real estate developer, the list is even longer.

Whatever your connection to real estate, you need to make sure your properties and your assets are protected. Whether you need to insure a single building or an entire portfolio of real estate investments, Heffernan Insurance Brokers has a solution to help you control your total cost of risk.

When you work with Heffernan, you’ll benefit from our expertise in commercial, residential, mixed use, and urban and rural properties. We’ve partnered with real estate agents and brokers, mortgage brokers, appraisers, property managers, and real estate consultants and have developed specialized risk management programs for each.

On the development side of the business, we are uniquely skilled at customizing coverage to meet the unique needs of mixed use projects. This is essential not only for asset protection but also to satisfy the interests of lenders and investors.

In addition to having appointments with almost every insurance market in the country (and abroad), The Heffernan Real Estate Program has access to a Tenant Legal Liability Captive and an Umbrella RPG that that are not accessible to most brokers.

Startups and Small Businesses

For startups and small businesses looking for a customized insurance quote, get in touch with one of our specialists.


The bottom line: You can count on Heffernan to creatively and aggressively market your real estate insurance program, and to help you find solutions that fit with your company’s risk appetite.

For a comprehensive review of your risks and your current coverage, and to find out how Heffernan can help your real estate business, contact us today.

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John Vipiana

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