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Insurance Options for Protecting Your Franchise Business

Comprehensive Insurance for the Franchise Business

As a franchise organization, you face both challenges specific to your business model and industry-specific exposures. At Heffernan Insurance Brokers, we’ve created our Franchise Channel Division to combat the ever-changing pain points in the space by providing customized insurance for your franchise business.

With our expertise, volume, and relationships in the marketplace, you’ll have access to the most competitive comprehensive risk management options that address your franchisor-specific needs, like joint employer liability, vicarious liability, and FDD compliance issues.

When you work with Heffernan, you’ll be provided a proprietary technology platform that can be uniquely branded and hosted on a franchisor’s website for all franchisees to access. Through this platform, you’ll receive competitive quotes automatically generated by multiple carriers, with pre-filled limits and coverage specifics to ensure FDD compliance. All claims data and exposure information is aggregated, enabling us to provide you with significant program discounts.

To find out how Heffernan can help protect your franchise business, contact our Franchise Channel Division today.

Startups and Small Businesses

For startups and small businesses looking for a customized insurance quote, get in touch with one of our specialists.

Heffernan Franchise Business Insurance Practice Leader

Steve Williams

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