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Vintners and Growers

Robust Insurance for Wineries

As a winery owner, grower, or manufacturer, you know there’s more to making good wine than simply growing grapes. With all the time and work that goes into each bottle, you need the right insurance to protect you from exposures. Like grapes, insurance comes in many varieties and can be complex.

That’s where Heffernan Insurance Brokers' Vintners and Growers Insurance practice comes in. Our specialists are specifically trained to mitigate the risks that keep you awake at night. We’re familiar with the winemaking process from start to finish, and whether your business is family-owned or global, your coverage will be tailored to fit your operation’s needs, managing applicable agricultural, manufacturing, and hospitality exposures.

When you partner with Heffernan, we’ll handle all your winery or vineyard insurance needs so you can focus on crafting the best product. Contact us today to speak with our winery insurance specialists.

For a video overview of the wine insurance marketplace, check out this video of Heffernan’s Debra Costa featured on MyNewMarkets and


Debra Costa

Heffernan Winery Insurance Practice Leader
D: 707.789.3051

Brian Stephenson

Heffernan Winery Insurance Practice Leader
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