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March 02, 2021

20 Ways to Show Employees You Appreciate Them (Remotely)

Employee Appreciation Day is March 5th, and it’s the perfect opportunity to make sure your workers feel valued. If your team is working remotely, showing your appreciation may be more difficult – but it’s also more important. The last year has been especially difficult for employees, so an extra show of appreciation is in order.

Here are 20 ways to show employees you appreciate them remotely.

  1. Buy lunch. Free meals at the office may be a thing of the past, but this doesn’t mean you can’t treat your employees to lunch. Just have the food delivered.
  2. Send a gift card. A gift card is another great way to treat your employees when they’re working remotely.
  3. Tell them. A kind word can go a long way when you’re feeling stressed or overworked. Take time to tell your employees that you appreciate them.
  4. Send a card. People still enjoy getting cards – maybe even more so now that they’re less common. Get out the stationary and send a handwritten card.
  5. Be specific. A vague “thank you” might sound forced or insincere. Be specific about why you value your employees and how their contributions matter.
  6. Acknowledge how hard it’s been. Are your employees trying to do their work from a home office while also helping their kids with school? Many working parents are. Let them know that you see how hard they’re working.
  7. Give them time off. A great way to show that you appreciate your workers is to give them some paid time off. Even if you can’t swing an entire day, consider letting them start late or sign off early.
  8. Send out an email. Highlight the accomplishments of your employees and thank them in a company-wide email.
  9. Put it in your newsletter. If your company has a newsletter, you can use it to highlight the accomplishments of your employees and to thank them.
  10. Go online. You can also put the accomplishment highlights and thanks on your website or social media feeds.
  11. Make it an ongoing thing. Employee Appreciation Day only happens once a year, but your employees work hard all year. Instead of sending out a one-time thanks in an email, newsletter, or online post, consider creating a monthly appreciation day at your company.
  12. Provide a gift that will help with remote work. Working from home isn’t always as easy as it seems. Give your workers gifts that will make remote work easier.
  13. Provide a new benefit. Your employees might not be able to take advantage of certain benefits, like a gym membership. Consider providing a new benefit, like pet insurance or childcare benefits.
  14. Pay for an app. App subscriptions can also make great benefits. Consider paying for an app that helps with sleep, fitness, or something else important to your employees.
  15. Send them a bouquet. You can go with flowers or succulents, or even an edible bouquet of fruit or cookies.
  16. Provide career development. Show your employees that you believe and support them by arranging for mentorships or by paying for webinars or online courses.
  17. Sponsor a volunteer day. You value your employees. Show it to them by giving them paid time to support a cause they value.
  18. Throw a virtual party. Have refreshments delivered so it feels like a real party.
  19. Or DON’T have a Zoom party. Zoom has been a lifesaver, but many people are starting to complain about Zoom fatigue. All these video meetings can be exhausting. Announce to your team that you’re showing your appreciation by giving them a break.
  20. Ask them. Asking your employees what they want can go a long way in making them feel valued. Give your team five choices and take a poll to learn their preferences.

Here’s wishing all of you a fabulous and memorable Employee Appreciation Day!

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