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June 05, 2020

Let’s Do Better!

My heart remains heavy, as my mind continues to return to the recent killing of George Floyd and the countless other lives lost, many whose names never reach the news. Our country must do better and that begins with each of us. This is not about politics, this is about humanity.

I want to be clear, Heffernan Insurance Brokers denounces racism in any and every form. These are three things we are doing to take action to begin to do our part in creating change to a flawed system:


  1. Increasing Heffernan Foundation’s scholarships to people of color
  2. Making donations to these five worthy nonprofit organizations:
  3. Consulting with external advisors to review existing policies and practices that can be further improved to promote inclusivity and diversity.

Finally, we are reflecting internally on ways we can do better as individuals, and we encourage each of our employees to do the same. Please continue to hold the lives of those lost in your heart, as we continue to find ways to do better together, in their honor.

Thank you.

Mike Heffernan

President and CEO, Heffernan Insurance Brokers

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