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April 07, 2022

Responsible Beverage Service Training: RBS Training from MindMeld Learning

California businesses that serve alcohol have new compliance requirements. Assembly Bills 1221 and 81 requires on-premises alcohol servers and their managers to obtain training and certification in Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) by August 31, 2022. MindMeld has an approved and effective program, and Heffernan clients can access the program at discounted rates.

The New RBS Requirements

Under Assembly Bill 1221, people who serve alcoholic beverages and their managers are required to receive education on the dangers of serving alcohol to minors and over-serving alcohol to patrons. Assembly Bill 82 gave businesses a little extra time to meet these new requirements, but that extension ends on August 31, 2022.

Who Needs RBS Certification?

In businesses where alcohol is consumed on the premises, both servers and their managers are required to meet the new RBS certification requirements.

The law can apply to many different businesses with an ABC on-premises license, from wineries to night clubs. According to the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, applicable businesses can include, but may not be limited to:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Fast-casual dining
  • Tasting rooms
  • Hotels
  • Stadiums

Additionally, many different workers may be considered servers or managers under the law, even if they don’t handle alcoholic beverages directly. Workers who do any of the following must meet the RBS certification requirements:

  • Check customer ID for the purposes of alcoholic beverage service or gaining entry to an establishment with an ABC on-premises license
  • Take orders of alcoholic beverages from customers
  • Pour alcoholic beverages for customers
  • Deliver alcoholic beverages to customers
  • Train, directly hire, or oversee alcohol servers
  • Train alcohol servers on when to check IDs, when to refuse service or how to perform other tasks related to the service of alcohol for consumption

The new RBS certification requirements apply to current workers as well as future workers. Starting on July 1, 2022, alcohol servers and their managers will have 60 calendar days from the first date of employment to obtain certification.

Getting Your RBS Certification

To meet the new requirement, servers and their managers must do the following:

  • Register for an account with the RBS portal at https://abcbiz.abc.ca.gov/.
  • Using the RBS portal, complete a server application and pay the $3 fee.
  • Complete a training program from an approved Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) training provider.
  • Pass an online exam. The exam is available through the RBS portal. You will have three attempts to pass with a score of 70% or better, and you must pass the exam within 30 days of completing the training program.

RBS Training Now Available

MindMeld offers RBS training. It’s the fastest training program on the market and only takes 92 minutes to complete. Participants in the program will also receive an in-depth RBS Training Manual as a PDF, and this resource can be used to assist with the exam.

This is an award-winning online training program, and it’s hosted by EMMY and Murrow award-winning journalist Cristina Mendonsa. Even better, Heffernan clients can access the program at a discounted rate.

  • The retail price for the company package purchase option is $12.99 per user, and discounts begin with a minimum purchase of five courses.
  • Company packages allow you to view each team member’s progress, and the package is good for one year. Heffernan clients can use the discount code HEFFRBS25 for a 25% discount.
  • Alternatively, you can get a unique discount code that lets your team members purchase a course from the website at no cost.
  • If you want your team members to purchase the course on their own, they can receive a discount. Heffernan clients can use the code HEFFRBS3 for $3.00 off the individual course.

Licensees who have questions can contact ABC at [email protected].

Meeting RBS training and certification requirements is just the latest in a long list of compliance issues that bars, restaurants and other businesses in the hospitality industry have to navigate. Heffernan offers specialized risk management and insurance programs for hospitality businesses. Learn more.

RBS Training is available at MindMeldLearning.com and GetRBS.com.

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