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Kevin Tarango

Vice President

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Kevin Tarango is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the Insurance Industry. Since 2011, he has been making significant contributions to the field, holding key positions such as Director of Cannabis and President of the Heffernan Cannabis Association. Kevin’s notable achievements include spearheading the establishment of our Cannabis Division in 2016, which has now grown to have a nationwide presence. Under his leadership, the cannabis industry witnessed the introduction of the first National Dividend Program.

Kevin brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to his role. With his well-rounded background and commitment to exceptional service, Kevin is determined to deliver outstanding results and provide exceptional service to our clients. His passion for his work and dedication to continuous improvement make him a valuable asset to our team.

When Kevin is not working, he enjoys pursuing his diverse interests. From attending live sports events and concerts to exploring the great outdoors through hiking, he finds joy in these activities. Additionally, Kevin has a passion for music and is currently dedicated to mastering the art of playing the Piano.

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